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Friday, February 06, 2009

Check this out.

A while ago, some other blog directed me to this great blog.

And today, I found this post on his blog. For the knitters.

Really great stuff that I enjoy all the time.


Lowan is having a little sleep in, he has not woke up yet and it is 6:40. He's usually up about 6am. But now that I've begun typing, he will wake up right away and I won't get to say what I've come to say, which is...

I dropped a stitch. Then I went on merrily knitting on koolhaas and finished it up. I even noticed I was a stitch short, but as I have been doing many decrease rows, I just assumed I accidentally decreased too much at some point. I didn't even investigate. Then I wore the hat. Several times in fact. It had been transplanted into my car for early morning cold head fighting.

Then yesterday, for some reason on my car ride home, I decided to turn it inside out. First thing I noticed was I had not woven in my ends yet. That was funny. I have been wearing it with the ends shoved up inside. No idea this was going on. (Having a baby has made my memory crap) Then I saw this funny loose area and began investigating. I had dropped a stitch and it had run down about 5 or 6 rows. It stopped because it met a cable crossover. And it could have continued to run, but this slowed things down. So at every stop light, I worked the yarn back up the row. I'm pretty good at needle-less knitting I guess. Then I used one of those silly loose ends dangling inside the hat to tie the stitch off until I could get it inside and finish it off permanently.

So, this is a first for me. In all my knit projects. In all my knitting years (not that many - I guess about 5 now). I've never dropped a stitch and continued on my merry way. I have dropped stitches and been instantly aware and fixed them promptly. But this my knitting friends was a first for me. It could have been koolhaas with a steek had I not found the little buger.

On the house front, we are looking good.

Sewer inspection... "Cherry." Yes, that is what the inspector said. And we have a DVD to prove it. It's every girls dream, a DVD of their pooper pipe (you can get a personal version after a colonoscopy, right. Ha-Ha).

Roof inspection... good. Minor stuff, like the vents and flashing need to be replaced. But total cost is less than $300.

Home inspection... pretty good. There are a few things. The biggest of which is the fence, but we knew that . And there is some shower issues. But hopefully the shower issues can be attributed to termite repairs because the bank is fixing up to $1500 worth of termite repairs. We have not received that inspection because the bank is doing it.

So we may be moving in about a month. And if anyone doesn't know - there is currently a first time home buyers tax credit (that is really kind of a loan) for anyone who buys a house by 7/1/09 for $7500. But there is new legislature that may be passed for a $15,000 credit (not a loan) for anyone who buys a house this year. So hopefully it will pass. And if not, hopefully the loan will be changed to just a credit - which is also on the docket of stuff.

So the baby is still asleep. I guess I'll go get dressed now.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Night Out

It feels like it takes too much to go out nowadays. The arrival of a baby has changed so much. It has changed my bedtime to the very early 9ish. It has made the leaving of the house always require lots of stuff - diapers, food, change of clothes, toys, whatnot. And it has created the requirement of a babysitter.

So tonight Kyle has a show at a local brewpub. This is my favorite location for a show. Not a club or bar that is all dark and getting hit on, but good food and stuff to do other than JUST watch the music. I'm not a huge music fan, I like it for the background, but don't want to stare at a band play for three hours and do nothing else. I know I am not a very supportive musicians wife, but I try.

My mom will be coming over to watch Lowan who is already in bed. But things have felt hard to make work tonight and I just want to be in my pajamas already. I bet I'm home and asleep by 10:30. But I won't try to make that happen, we'll just have to wait and see.

I still need to take pictures.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Head Full

I've finished another hat, Koolhaas. Fabulous!!

I have very nearly finished the long awaited Cabled Riding Jacket. Amazing!

I've been inspired by GaysKnits to whip up some mitts. Exciting!

And I'm going to try to finish Kyle's sweater, from so long ago. It was already finished once, but not quite long enough for him.

It's been another busy, too short weekend and then back to work. But I don't miss school. I don't miss homework. I enjoy my time at home being just that. There are things to do, housework, taking care of Lowan, normal daily whatnot. But there is not homework or reading (unless for pleasure). Work is going well, things are starting to pick up as tax season gets under way. I have finished a few tax returns and feel really excited about all that I will have to do over the next couple of months.

Last night we had a great dinner: lumpia (which is like a Phillipino egg roll), cabbage salad, and then cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust for dessert. I don't make my lumpia with ground beef like the recipe calls for, we use tofu and lots of veggies. They were really tasty, especially since Kyle did the deep frying, which I hate. And the cheesecake turned out delish!! I used my new, fancy silicone spring form pan. It worked great!

These new faces Lowan makes are so funny!

We are still having house issues. We pulled out of escrow on the last house and have a new offer pending. But the bank is kind of jerking us around which is frustrating. Hopefully we find out tomorrow if we are moving forward. Then we will get the inspections done this week. Fingers crossed.

Okay... I'm off, I want to snuggle up in bed with some tea and cheesecake and watch some tv while it is quite before Kyle gets home from band practice.

I promise, I'll have some pictures soon (of the knitting), but for right now, how about a cute one of Lowan. I can't help but share pictures of him!! I couldn't add just one. So here are a few of the most recent cuties.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

At the park and some knitting

Knitting First:

Here is the reworked brioche hat. I was never happy with it. So much so that when Kyle would wear it in public, I would take it off his head and put it in my pocket or purse. So I tore it out and whipped up this, Turn a Square. I really like it. A LOT! So does he.

Then I've started Koolhaas Hat for me. Kyle is just my model. It is slow going, but looking really nice. I look forward to completion. But it probably won't come before the end of winter.

I also envision some matching mittens or fingerless gloves.

We went to the park because it was so nice on Sunday. Lowan's first swing and slide ride.

We had a really good time, the sun was out, it was warm. Lowan enjoyed the swing. He was a little iffy about the slide. But the best part was sitting in the grass plucking pieces up and handing them to Kyle.

Lowan is standing really well now. He still doesn't really crawl, just belly scooting. But he can move fast, really fast. He sees stuff across the room and hauls butt over, then shoves it in his mouth. We are always fishing little pieces of stuff out of his mouth. Leaves, a foil ball, food left over from a meal. I don't know where he finds some of the stuff. And he gets into a lot more areas then he used to, so where he spent most of his time, there wasn't much to find. But now that Lowan is heading to un-explored parts of the house, there is all kinds of new stuff.

It was a really nice weekend, Lowan and I hung out some on the couch after he had a nap. He was being sweet and laying on me so I told kyle to get the camera and take some pictures. But as soon as the camera came out, Lowan began acting silly.

I love this picture of Lowan, making that funny face. He was just sitting on the couch hanging out with Kyle. It looks a little like Kyle just woke up, not sure what that is all about.

Things have been hectic and busy with our lives. We didn't get the house we put an offer on, we pulled out because they wouldn't meet our demands. It was disappointing, but we will find something that doesn't need as many repairs and doesn't have a pool. That pool was plaguing me because of the cost and work it was going to take to fill it in.

The hunt continues. I've got to go, it's been a long day with lots of time on the computer. I just don't have the computer desire in me when I get home these days. I think I'll read or knit.

So Busy.

Above: Christmas Afternoon, My family.

We have been busy around these parts. And lots of baby changes. I can't believe how fast and often they keep happening. I've also had some knitting going on.

Above: Kyle's mom Gee-Dee and Lowan Christmas Morning

Above: Christmas Morning, Kyle's Dad's side of the family

Above: Christmas Eve, Kyle's Mom's side of the family

Above: Kyle's Christmas present. At least he is willing to share with Lowan.

Above: We stood Lowan up, but he can do it on his own now (about a week after this picture was taken.) This makes nap time very difficult. Lowan keeps sitting up and pulling up and generally having a great time. Sleep takes up to an hour to come.

And finally here is the whole family (not the bearded dragon), Trout the cat and Kokanee the dog have joined us on the couch for this photo. And there wasn't a single picture where we all looked at the camera at the same time.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

And I am DONE!

The end came and passed so quickly. I took this whole week off from work to study for the last four finals. I studied some but mostly enjoyed a week home with Lowan and Kyle.

I checked a book out from the library on Saturday (a novel and a couple of knitting books - but the novel is the book I'm referring to) and really shouldn't have because I couldn't put it down. I got into it and then I just wanted to read it. It got so bad when I was right near the end that I picked up my textbook and opened it to the middle somewhere, then I opened the novel and lay it inside the textbook, so Kyle would think I was studying. I mean, what am I, in high school? But he would have yelled at me for not focusing on school. Tara will probably also have something to say about this.

I really lost a lot of my oomph this semester. I mean, it was my last one, I had a baby, I have the job, my grades have been good. So... I was focused on passing and that was all. I didn't feel like I needed lots of A's or to bust my butt, especially for the classes I didn't really like (one management one and one terrible accounting class, that I didn't even want to take - but that is all another (long) story!) and I did fine. A's and B's all around. I hope at least, the class I was most concerned with I have a 79.75% in, so if he doesn't give me a B I'll be surprised, I mean, who doesn't round up. But there are those teachers who don't. But I don't really care, the C is fine, because I feel like I did C work when it came to the tests, I worked harder on the projects and paper.

So, some knitting news. I have frogged the brioche hat. It had too many mistakes and whenever Kyle wore it, they stuck out at me yelling at me for my poor knitting. It was too big - around his head and too long. It was knit somewhat loosely, and the yarn was snagging. So I am re-knitting it into a new hat. A more basic, quick, done in a weekend kind of number. I think Kyle will like it equally. All I know is, that brioche sweater I love so much - I don't think so. I just don't think I can fix my mistakes when I make them, and I can't stand to have mistakes. Especially big glaring ones that won't leave me alone.

I should go, Lowan is all over the place and needs some breakfast. He is moving like crazy - not really crawling yet, but scooting quite well. Who needs to crawl, when this works just fine. And like many kids, he sees the only thing he shouldn't have and then he's right for it like a bullet. What will I do when he gets REALLY fast?

Friday, December 12, 2008

The End is Near

That's right, the end of a very long school career. I've gone off and on (but mostly on) for 24 years (all the way back to kindergarten). And I have one week left. Classes ended on Wednesday night and I have a final next Wed. and then three more on Thursday. I took all of next week off to study and prepare and relish in the end of my part time working lifetime. Because come the 22nd, I start working full time as an accountant.

I am still in partial disbelief that I am done and have a "real" job like a grown up. Even having a baby didn't really make me feel grown up. I always say to Kyle how it really feels like I'm still just a kid. I guess those days are gone... life and responsibility and child and husband and such mean I am not even close to being a kid anymore.

I'm not sad or disappointed, just doesn't quite feel real to me.

But I'm excited about the job, I've been working at this accounting firm for about 5 months and really like it. I wasn't sure if I was going to like being a tax accountant. It wasn't really the avenue I was interested in. I really liked management accounting and planned on working in manufacturing or some such job. But this firm offered me a position and I didn't really like the work I was doing at the time. And then Kyle lost his job and I needed more hours/money/stability and was worried about the stability most of all at my last job. So I moved on to the tax accounting firm. And so far I really like the work. I like doing tax returns, at least the handful that I've done. It fits my brain well. I like order and things going in neat consistent places and that is what a tax return is all about. It took me a long time to decide on a degree and making this choice was hard, I was resistant for a long time about going into business. But it is a decision I am glad I made.

Anyways, on top of school ending and working kicking into full gear, Kyle and I decided to buy a house. It kind of happened really fast and unexpectedly. I have been obsessed with looking at houses for sale online for a long time... we were planning to buy later next year. What with prices coming down and my income going up, it only made sense. So I emailed our realtor and asked what kind of timeline we should follow. She said go ahead and get prequalified for a loan, we have plenty of time to look.

Then I found a house online for $85,000. I had to have it, I mean who couldn't afford a $500 a month house payment. So I called her (this was like the next day) and said I wanted to see it. So we went and she said that she wanted to show us a few other houses. She said this house was in really bad shape and we could do a lot better. Especially because we could afford to spend more. So we went to another house that we liked, but the location was no good. Then we went to a house that was already in escrow, but she wanted us to see what kind of quality was out there. Then, the house that was meant for us was the last on the agenda. I don't think she thought it was going to be the house for us, she was just showing us what was around. But we fell in love. It is a three bedroom one bath house with a room in the back yard off the garage with a second bathroom. We really like the separate room, it will be Kyle's music room. We would have preferred two bathrooms in the house, but there are two available for when we need them. It has a nice sized yard with a really big covered patio that I love.

There is a problem, and it is kind of a big one. The house has a pool. We don't want a pool. Not even a little bit. Okay, maybe a little bit, but we don't want the extra work or the extra cost or the extra hassle. So... we are going to demolish the bottom, fill it in with dirt and it will be Kyle's garden. I know it is kind of a waste. But our thought is we will be in the house for 10 to 15 years, so we shouldn't lose value.

We don't have the house yet, we are in escrow as of Tuesday. We are getting all the inspections done and will see how much work the place needs. So far the termite inspection is requiring about $2000 worth of work and the roof inspection $2500. We have to see if the seller will cover any or all of the repairs and then figure out if we will continue.

Anyways, enough about all that. If you want to see the house go here. Kyle videotaped it the other day so we could show out of town family. It is a kind of amusing video.

Fresno is known for its Christmas Tree Lane. We went down it the other night and really bundled Lowan up for it. He has on socks, pants, footsie pajamas, his thick coat, a hat, and these funny boot slipper things. Then he had a blanket wrapped around his legs and was in the back pack. Unfortunately his hands were cold. I was inspired to knit him some mittens but haven't yet. I'm sure Tara thinks this is funny as she is in Alaska where it really is cold. It was pretty cold, but not so bad, maybe low 40's. It was fun.

Finally, we had dinner with Kyle's grandparents last weekend. It was a good time and I finally got some pictures of them with Lowan. Not too many good ones of all three of them, if Omi was smiling, Opi wasn't and vice versa. Another nice time.

Okay, I've written plenty for one night. I'm so tired, I've got to go to bed and rest up for a long haul of studying. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Look I knit something (and other non knitting stuff)

Here is Baby Yoda. So cute. I think the body will fit Lowan for awhile, but the sleeves, I'm not so sure. So he'll wear it now, and then I'll take off the sleeves and reknit them for next winter. He is also modeling his umbilical hat in one picture. This picture doesn't show the umbilical-ness of it though. So he's only modeled the sweater and not actually worn it yet, it's been surprisingly too warm the past couple of days. But soon!!

Lowan has been SO fussy as of late, he's teething and it is driving us crazy. Him too I imagine. So anyways, last night in addition to teething fussy, he was diaper rash fussy. So after his bath I had him naked and was playing with him. I had him cradled in the blanket I made a few weeks ago (so easy!) and was rocking him and bouncing him on the couch. He LOVED it and was all laughs. So then I made Kyle take over so I could take some pictures. And this boy is done being immobile. He has begun to really scoot around. He kind of slinks on his belly, but he went from one side of his crib to the other yesterday a couple of times. It won't be long now that he'll be everywhere.

Finally - here are all Tara and my kids. I have a cheerio obsession. It all started many years ago with Teagan. It was just a coincidence that I put them in the same pattern on Lowan. I had to go through the old photo cd's to come up with this one of Teagan. Look at these cute kids, Tara and I know how to bake us some cute babies. Boy, Teagan was a fatty! I didn't remember those thighs until I saw them again. They were huge. She makes Aidan look skinny, and he's no small fry. Lowan looks down right anorexic next to Tara's two chunkers. She's probably not going to like these comments, but it's funny. Anyone who knows Kyle and I wouldn't think we'd have the skinny baby. We're not little people. But Lowan is quite long.

So, I'm a terrible mom and something must be wrong with me, I took no pictures of Lowan on his very first Thanksgiving. I've got the day before and the day after and nothing of him at Kyle's family reunion with the 60 or so relatives. What is wrong with me. Oh well, there will be another one in two years. I'll take pictures then.

I've got to get a paper and a project done for school. I shouldn't have paused for this. But now I'm off.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best Buddies

Lowan and Trout have really become good friends. There is some hair pulling. There has been some scratching. But generally the cat can't stay away from the baby. Trout loves the attention Lowan gives her. And I think she thinks the boppy is hers, not his. She is either curled up on the floor with it around her, or if we have Lowan nestled in it, Trout will lay on it as seen above. Currently they are playing together at my feet. What a happy house we have.

And here are some comical shots from dinner a couple of days ago. Lowan was not unhappy, but was making some VERY expressive faces that would lead you to believe he was not enjoying his meal. His expressions have become so much more varied and even the ugly ones are so cute!

I really don't have much time. School is getting close to the end. Papers and tests are occupying my mind. But the end is near. The really big all done end. Okay, maybe not. I might go back and take one other class next year and then take the CPA review courses for the test. But all of that is for my CPA certification. The degree will be mine in Dec.

Have a great happy day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Lowan was a fly fisherman for Halloween this year. He has little flies that Kyle and I made on his hat. He has a stringer of fish over his shoulder. And a little fishing pole to catch the good stuff with.

We went to my friend Jessica's house. Then to Kyle's dad's house. Then we planned to stop by my parent's house, but had been out to late and really needed to get Lowan home. So they came to see him at our house. I took a bunch of photos. And Lowan got nothing special to eat, no candy, no treat, no trick either. Oh well, next year he'll get something sweet and wonderful I'm sure. I think next year we really will go out trick or treating. He'll be walking and ready to hit the road!

What do you do?

We had the biggest parenting OOPS last night. Not really my oops, but my mom's oops. (Pictures not related to story)

Kyle and I made dinner and dessert due to the day off for me. Delicious stuff... panko crusted shrimp, mushroom risotto, broccoli, and coconut croissant chocolate bread pudding. It was so tasty. So we had my parents over for some good eats.

I had finished the risotto and was giving Lowan some food when my parents arrived. My mom sat down to finish feeding him and I went to help Kyle with the shrimp. When he was close to done, I jokingly walked over to my mom at the table and pointed to my glass and said don't give that to Lowan, it's my wine. She looked at me in horror. And asked if I was joking, I told her no, his cup was the blue plastic one. And the oops hit, she gave our seven month old some wine to drink.

The problem is I drink my wine in tumblers, not wine glasses. And we will often give Lowan drinks out of these cups as it is easier to see the water getting to his mouth. We are trying to teach him how to drink from a real cup as opposed to using sippy cups. And there wasn't that much wine and it was hard to tell it was colored. So... OOPS!! He didn't get much, I'm sure once it hit his mouth he didn't like it and let it all drool out anyways. But not really something I wanted my son to try quite so young in his life.

He seemed and seems to be fine. No harm done. I gave him the good ol' booby and he went to bed over an hour later and nothing seemed amiss.

So it was a good laugh and a little stress around our parts last night.

I just added the pictures to this post. As you can see, Lowan like him some tv. He watches it very intently whenever it is on. And so of course we wanted to watch the election results on the 4th. So Lowan got some tv time. We have pretty much opted to keep it off anytime he is awake due to his love. Needless to say, we were pleased with the big win. Unfortunately, Kyle and I were very disappointed in some CA and local Fresno wins. Hopefully it will be better next election.

Also, finally some knit goodness here on my knitting blog. That cute little brown Charlie Brown-esque stripped hat was something I made before Lowan was born. But it turned out way to big and had ends that needed to be woven in. I finally finished it up and while still a little big... Adorable!!